Personal Commitment

Nehemiah 2:9-20 (ESV)

Nehemiah finally reaches Jerusalem; his vision for the rebuilt walls is almost tangible and within his grasp, even though there is still a lot of work to do. Within these few verses we can learn a lot:

Until Nehemiah is ready to announce why he came to Jerusalem, he inspects the walls under the cover of night with a few of his men. He gets his hands dirty, personally involved himself with the inspection. Like Nehemiah, we need a personal commitment to the vision that God has placed on our heart. Ultimately our vision must tie in to Jesus’ Great Commission command to GO (Matthew 28) and so it will require a personal commitment from us. We might just have to get our hands dirty as we reach out to others! If we refuse to do this then we’ll never see the vision God has placed in our heart come to pass. We must be personally invested to see the walls rebuilt in Fermanagh!

Nehemiah then works with his men to inspect the walls and once done he announces to the citizens his plan of action. It simply wasn’t going to be possible for Nehemiah to rebuild the walls by himself; he would need the help of the local citizens, officials, etc. Whilst we need a personal commitment to the vision, that certainly doesn’t mean we then need to do it alone! The old saying ‘no man is an island’ is true because God certainly didn’t design us to work alone. TOGETHER with God and then with each other we will see God breakthrough in our county and beyond. TOGETHER appears in our full vision statement because it is critical. We must be prepared to work TOGETHER to see God move and transform lives by the power of the Gospel. Have you ever read about how Geese work together? There teamwork is amazing; have a quick Google and read up on it. Trust me it’ll be worth it.

Then, of course, the opposition comes who are not happy one bit with what Nehemiah was setting out to do. They want to keep the status quo and don’t like the idea of a newly energised Jerusalem rising from the ashes. When we start to work towards the vision that God places in our heart we will face opposition. The enemy doesn’t want to see God’s Kingdom come on earth and will do everything in his power to distract and destroy. Paul the Ephesians elders in Acts 16 to be alert for the opposition when it comes along, as it inevitably will. TRUST God, keep praying and push through! As Jesus builds His church through us we will see the gates of hell crumble!

To finish, remember a personal commitment doesn’t mean we are alone and don’t need any help! We must work TOGETHER with God, with our brothers and sisters, and TOGETHER we will do the impossible and face down any opposition that would seek to stop us! Lord, build your church through us!

God bless,